My little problem with remembering names (and dates and faces…)

One of the perks of being blind – besides yummy casseroles — is that now I have a cover-up for one of my more embarrassing personality flaws. Now, I don’t mean the one about how I have to apologize every time I open my mouth in social places or the one about my hot temper, [...]

When grace catches your breath

A little voice: Mommy? Me: Argh. WHAT NOW?!?!?!? A little voice: How many more days until Mother’s Day?

Catch of the game

Space Coast’s Major division Phillies center fielder McGregor Scott lays out for a spectacular catch against North Merritt Island’s Red Sox in the bottom of the fourth.

The obligatory Easter-cheer picture

From our house to yours, Happy Resurrection Day. Love, The Scotts

Bring it on

Dear Sunday Morning, I know I’m not supposed to hate you being the Lord’s Day and all, but it’s hard not to. The baby’s diaper leaks, the dog throws up, and nobody can find their shoes and pink ponytails on Sunday morning. Tuesday? Matching socks practically jump out of the dryer, but the Devil works [...]

Chicken Day: A Photo Essay

It’s that time again! Yahoo. Alrighty kids. Cue the banjo music and go get ‘em! Dang that free-range, organic stuff. Aw, mom. This is Cuddles. You won’t eat Cuddles, will you? Just kidding. We don’t name the chickens. But we do give them a good life before they meet their purpose. Next! It’s gonna get [...]

Top 5 Worst Things About Parenting a Large Family

There are a lot of great things about having a larger-than-normal family. Last month I watched online several clips about the Duggars—the family with 18 kids, and I think they’re great. The world would be a better place if everyone was .01% as happy and peaceful as Mrs. Duggar is when her children fight on [...]


Thursday, Jul 2, 2009 One of letters I got this week was particularly important to me. Catherine seems to be saying that she understands now. Here it is with her permission: I just wanted to say that your posts have blessed me. Particularly the one I re-read today about QF [Amy: contraception and what conservative [...]

Parenting trends and the gospel

“Helicopter parents” are getting tired of spinning their wheels, er, choppers. Attachment parenting is falling out of trend now. Time for a change: But whatever you call it, and however it began, its days may be numbered. It seems as though the newest wave of mothers is saying no to prenatal Beethoven appreciation classes, homework [...]

Finishing the batter

Spring ball is in full swing again. p.s. I hope you all had a good Mother’s Day. I got a fake rose, plastic grapes, an iron bell, a Twix bar, and homemade cards. :)