Worth celebrating

This week kept us busy celebrating one another. My husband enjoyed another birthday and reflected on the fact that he has just a few more left before the 4-0. Because he is a man’s man, I cooked him a dinner suitable: marinated tri-tip steak, loaded mashed potatoes, corn, buttered rolls, and dark chocolate cake. I don’t believe, however, that he noticed any corn.

If one birthday isn’t enough, we have the privilege of celebrating two this week. One of my children will turn another year older, and I will marvel on how fast the time is slipping by.

Of course, this means that I must be getting older, too. Yet, I can still remember the days that I would dream of this time in my life: a content marriage, a houseful of children, and a pleasant and welcoming home. It is here, and we celebrate it together.

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    Well…Happy belated birthday to Greg, and to whichever sweet child had a birthday too. :)

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