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I thought I’d pass along our favorite (made-up) recipe. It’s so easy and delicious. We have this meal almost every week, not because I’m feeling uncreative but because it’s that good. The kids cheer and whoop when I answer the What’s-For-Dinner nightly question with, “Chicken and rice!” It’s a more favorable reply to them than, “Liver and onions,” or “I don’t know…whatcha cookin’?”

4-5 + lbs. of boneless, skinless chicken or pork loin can be substituted
Olive Oil
Fresh Garlic cloves
Onion (optional)
Lime juice
Goya’s Adobo seasoning
3-4 tsp. Chicken bouillon

Put meat, bouillon, a halved onion, salt and pepper to taste, and about 1 cup or so of water in crockpot on high in the morning.

An hour before dinnertime, meat should be tender enough to separate with fork easily. Drain off all liquid and return meat to crockpot. Then pull apart the meat with a fork. Add enough olive oil until very moist. Add several cloves of chopped garlic (we like a lot) and sprinkle lightly to taste with Adobo seasoning. Leave in crock pot another hour.

Serve with black beans, rice, and sour cream on side. Top meat with lime juice to taste upon serving.

As a side note, yucca root (pronounced “you-ka”) goes well with this… if you can manage to get everyone to refrain from calling it, “yuck-a.” I was unsuccessful.

adoboUpdate: Here’s the Adobo seasoning I referred to in the recipe. You can usually find in either the ethnic food section (Spanish/Cuban) or seasonings aisle of your grocery store. It is a salt, garlic, oregano, tumeric blend, but somehow it doesn’t taste like it. (The oregano must be very light.) Old Bay would not be a substitute.

Written by Amy Scott

December 9th, 2005 at 8:47 am

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  1. Wow! That sounds delicious! We make a chicken and rice almost every week, too! It’s a family favorite. Sounds like a good idea for tonight! Check out my blog for a Christmas pic of the kids. Glad your pregnancy is going well!! I saw Jennifer Walley last night. She’s finally feeling better.

    Nancy Palmer

    9 Dec 05 at

  2. What is Adobo seasoning? We don’t have that exactly but I’m trying to determine if something we do have is “close enough”

    My Boaz's Ruth

    9 Dec 05 at

  3. Nancy, Enjoyed seeing the updated pics. Thanks for the update.

    My Boaz’s Ruth, I updated the post with the answer to your question. I know some grocery stores don’t care Goya products, but Goya products are popular here in Floria due to the high hispanic population. I couldn’t find it in a regular grocery store when we were in CA, but I did eventually find it at a Spanish market.

    Sal, I heard others tried the cream cheese pumpkin pie too; glad to hear you enjoyed it. I made four of them, and just pulled the last one out of the freezer last night.


    9 Dec 05 at

  4. I’m always looking for a new way to make chicken in the crockpot and this looks delicious! I’ve been trying to find Adobo at Kroger, haven’t found it yet. I’ll have to look at some other stores.


    9 Dec 05 at

  5. Just upgraded. Testing comments.


    9 Dec 05 at

  6. Amy, that’s really helpful to make your comment feed show which post people were commenting on. Thanks. My comment feed only shows the post title until one clicks on it, then it displays the commenter’s name as well. Yours is even better – I’ll have to see if I can make mine do that some day when I’m not working on Christmas cards.


    10 Dec 05 at

  7. Amy, please don’t tell people you paid me off for your second Blog of Beauty award. They might not get your sense of humor even though they voted for you ;)


    10 Dec 05 at

  8. That sounds really good. I will definately try this one.


    10 Dec 05 at

  9. Amy,
    Speaking as one from the southwest (Arizona) where yucca grows wild and is a landscaping staple, it really is pronounced yuck-a. If you can get past the name, though, it tastes wonderful and was a staple in the diet of the native peoples here.
    Your recipe sounds wonderful. I, too, am always looking for new crock pot recipes, and am looking forward to trying this.


    10 Dec 05 at

  10. Yucca with lots of garlic – yum. Being that H & in-laws are Puerto Rican, I am required to have Adobo on hand at all times (along with espresso). :) Actually, I like Adobo, especially on Bubba burgers before grilling.

    Mrs. Happy Housewife

    10 Dec 05 at

  11. Katherine,

    I’m Amy’s semi-capable site-maintence assistant.

    The improvement in the comments feed was included in the upgrade to the most current version of WordPress. I like the feeds better this way, too, but it was kinda part-n-parcel with the upgrade. :cheese_ee:

    We are trying to work out some small bug issues with the site. I would be glad to be notified if anyone is experiencing problems — just follow the link to my site and you will find my email address in the sidebar under “About Me”. Thanks!

    Valerie (BBG)

    10 Dec 05 at

  12. Sounds great. I intend to try it ASAP. Your blog has a very nice variety of posts — I read it every day.


    11 Dec 05 at

  13. I’m Amy’s semi-capable site-maintence assistant.

    Hey, that’s pretty neat, Amy. Think I could get a copy of the latest version of “Valerie” for my site as well? Maybe “Valerie 2.0″ or something?

    j/k ;oP


    12 Dec 05 at

  14. Sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing.


    12 Dec 05 at

  15. This sounds great! My family loves chicken, so I’ll have to give this a try soon


    14 Dec 05 at

  16. I can’t wait to try this recipe.
    I was wondering – how little of the olive oil could I get away with and still get the same effect?
    2 pounds chicken breast and ?? olive oil?
    (small family here so 2 pounds may or may not go a long way)

    Debbie V.

    15 Jun 06 at

  17. how little of the olive oil could I get away with and still get the same effect?

    Extra virgin olive oil has a distinct flavor. I personally wouldn’t skimp on it, as it will affect the taste. Though, if you are watching calories, then it will still turn out OK without much it. You still need enough water and boullion or oil so that it won’t stick. It just won’t taste the same. (Does that make sense?)

    Amy Scott

    15 Jun 06 at

  18. Yes, I am trying to conserve on the calories, but I think I will take your advice and leave it in.
    Could you give me a guesstimate on how much you use for 4-5 lbs of chicken?
    Thank you so much.

    Debbie V.

    15 Jun 06 at

  19. Could you give me a guesstimate on how much you use for 4-5 lbs of chicken?

    I really have no idea…a cup maybe? Just use enough to moisten it up real good! Happy cooking!

    Amy Scott

    15 Jun 06 at

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